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As you can tell, the abundance of heat, sun, and dandelions during the summer months makes it an important time of year to maintain your lawn. We know you don’t want to spend your precious free time working on the lawn after a long week of work. At Lamer Landscaping & Snowplowing Ltd., we have developed affordable weekly packages to make summer more enjoyable – lawnmower free for you. See below for our available Summer Lawn Care Services in Ontario.

Whether your lawn, hedge or garden bed needs weekly maintenance, a one-time cleanup or something in between, Yardworx has the package for you. Our prices are based on size and state of your lawn and are charged by man hour or by the cut.

(Pricing Table Below)

(pricing based on properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft)
Included Services Pricing
Weekly Cut & Trim (May – Oct) $39.00 – $83.00 /cut
Holiday Cut & Trim (maintained lawns) $62.50 – $115.50 /cut
Hedge Trimming $62.50 per man hour
Bed Maintenance $62.50 per man hour

One Time Cut & Trim

Varies depending on state and size of lawn. $80.00 per man hour. Bag Charges $3.50 per bag additional.

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