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Asphalt Crack PatchingOur crack patching service in Prince Edward County is an important maintenance task for commercial asphalt parking lots, roads, and drives in Ontario. Our crack patching professionals use a rubberized, fully bonded membrane that is applied to fill asphalt cracks to stop the penetration of salt, water, chlorides, and other elements.

Once fatigue cracking starts in asphalt pavement, the distress will continue to get worse until repairs are made. The distress is not only unsightly, but it will also lead to expensive complete replacement in just a few short years. If you have alligator cracking now, let us help you to prevent accelerated failure.

The first step in asphalt crack patching is to allow us to assess the extent and type of repairs necessary. We offer you complete solutions to stop pavement from breaking, cracking bigger, and creating potholes.

The ideal time for crack patching is as soon as cracks appear on the asphalt. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and competitively priced estimate.

If you are looking for a Prince Edward County asphalt crack patching repair service please call 613-967-5209 or complete our Online Request Form.

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