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Civil Work Services

civil work

Our civil work construction services in Prince Edward County include all aspects of site preparation, excavation, earth moving, grading, road building, sewer, water, and underground utilities. Our experienced team is committed to getting the civil work done right, on time, and in agreement with your budget.

Contact us today for a competitive estimate. We will work closely with you to ensure your civil construction project is completed successfully.

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We specialize in multi-family residential, commercial, and civil construction and excavation services. Our common civil excavation projects include basements, foundations, and drainage excavating. We remove dirt, rocks, hard structures, and even trees for a diverse range of client types.


water system

Planning a water distribution project in Ontario? Call our landscaping company to handle the construction work for you. We are the industry leader in civil water system installations who will execute your water supply design with expertise.


sewer pipe

Our civil work includes sewer construction of wastewater deep gravity sewers, pump stations, and force mains. We have the equipment and capabilities to apply the latest sewer construction techniques in order to provide you with a wide variety of civil work services.

Storm Water Management

storm drain

Storm water runoff is a serious problem that needs management. With our civil construction expertise in applicable regulations, we can help you successfully divert large amounts of water through large diameter piping, culverts, wet ponds, and underground retention systems.

Road Building & Lot Grading

road building

Are you looking for an experienced civil road building and lot grading contractor? Our experienced crew is capable of handling all aspects of your road construction project. You’ll have an attractive, durable, and highly function road that is ideal for traffic and water drainage.


utility construction

We specialize in civil utility construction services in Prince Edward County. If you need an experienced industry leader who is well-equipped to perform the highest quality underground site work, call our landscaping company today for a competitive estimate.

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