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Commercial Landscaping Services

commercial landscaping

Whether it’s the initial landscape design and implementation or the regular lawn care maintenance, you can count on our commercial landscaping services to meet every need. A lush, beautiful property is the goal and we have the skills to accomplish all aspects of achieving this.

Our commercial landscaping services are available to all types of businesses in Prince Edward County. If you are looking for a landscaping company who can handle all your property enhancement projects, call Lamer Landscaping & Snowplowing.

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Property Assessment

property assessment

There are many aspects of a property to take into account when planning a commercial landscaping project. As you probably well know, the soil type, rock formations, natural irrigation, tree growth, underground utilities, water supply, wastewater and sewer needs, and a slew of other considerations need to be assessed in order to determine the scope of the project.

Our landscaping company can provide you with a thorough property assessment that covers all the details you need to plan your project well.

Program Design & Implementation

landscape design

Once your property is assessed, you need a good commercial landscape design that is going to work well for years to come. We work with you closely to incorporate and implement everything your business needs in an attractive and functional commercial landscaping design.

Turf Management

vegetation management

Our professionals can help you with turf and vegetation management. There are several methods we can use ranging from pulling weeds to treating your fence lines with a vegetation inhibitor. Let us keep on top of the overgrowth to ensure your commercial property always looks great.

Nutrient Management

tree planting transplanting

Every living thing needs to be fed but sometimes the soil does not provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. We are skilled in nutrient management, knowing which plants, trees, flowers, bushes, and grasses thrive in acidic soil and which prefer a soil with more alkalinity.

Irrigation Management


Our landscaping company can provide irrigation management service to ensure your investment performs as it should and gets the maintenance it needs. Let us work with you today to prepare an irrigation maintenance schedule that fits with your budget.

Property Enhancements


If you are ready to make some property enhancements for your business or property, let our landscaping company help you with the design and construction. We have experience building all types of hardscapes to improve commercial properties.

Lawn Care Maintenance

lawn care

An attractive lawn is a must for any business. As your all-around go-to commercial landscaping professional, our crew can take care of your lawn care maintenance. We’ll keep your property looking sharp during all months of the year including winter.

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