Commercial Decks, Gazebos, and Cabana Installation

Outdoor structures such as commercial decks, gazebos, and cabanas are a great addition to any property. They not only provide extra space for outdoor activities but also enhance the beauty of the outdoor space and increase the value of your property. Our well-maintained outdoor structures can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years or more.

Our experienced team is committed to building your ideal outdoor structure to your satisfaction, on time and on budget. Trust us to install your commercial decks, gazebos, or cabanas today!

Adding an outdoor structure to your property is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. Create a beautiful and functional area for relaxation, entertainment, or hosting guests today! Whether you’re looking for a simple deck or a more elaborate cabana, Lamer Landscaping and Snowplowing Ltd. can provide a variety of options to choose from that will meet your needs and preferences.

Lamer Landscaping and Snowplowing Ltd. for all your commercial deck installations in the Prince Edward County, Belleville, Quinte West, and Surrounding areas.

Commercial decks

Decks are a popular choice for outdoor structures because they offer a simple and functional look that can be customized to fit any space or style. They are also relatively easy and cost-effective to build. can be more durable and low-maintenance.

Commercial Decks, Gazebos, Cabanas Deck example
Commercial Decks, Gazebos, Cabanas Gazebo example


Gazebos are a more elegant and stylish outdoor structure, providing a beautiful and functional area for dining, relaxation, or entertaining. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from traditional octagonal gazebos to modern square or rectangular designs. Gazebos can be customized with various features such as lighting, curtains, and screens.


Cabanas are a more versatile option for outdoor structures. They offer a wide range of use for outdoor living rooms, kitchens, or guesthouses. They are typically larger and more elaborate than decks or gazebos, and can be customized to suit your specific preferences. Cabanas can be designed with various features such as windows, doors, and electrical outlets.

Commercial Decks, Gazebos, Cabanas Cabana example

Lamer Landscaping and Snowplowing, providing top-quality commercial deck installations, including decks, gazebos, and cabanas in Picton, Wellington, Prince Edward County, Trenton, Frankford, Quinte West, Stirling, Belleville, Napanee, and all the Surrounding areas.

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