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3 Must-Have Hardscaping Features For Home Landscaping Designs

firepit hardscaping feature

Are you planning to tackle a home landscaping project but need some great hardscaping ideas for the design? Home landscaping is all about making the space personally enjoyable and beautiful. There are many hardscaping ideas to choose from but sometimes you just have to start with the most basic features and build on from there.

Whether you go all out on the hardscaping or want to choose simple features, get back to the basics with these 3 must-have hardscaping features for your Prince Edward County home landscaping design which offer beauty, functionality, and enjoyment for your backyard.

Large Enough Patio for Entertaining

Outdoor patios are the best hardscaping option to offer you more than just a place to sit and enjoy the sunrise. Even if you have an existing patio, it can always be enhanced with hardscaping to provide more space.

A large patio can serve as extra living space for your family but it can also function as overflow space for guests when you entertain. Make it large enough so you can set up a large table and provide plenty of seating. Here are a few ideas.

  • Low retaining walls can double duty as seating for guests. Tile the top to make it comfortable.
  • Multi-level decks for homes on sloped land provide more space to spread out without constructing one huge deck. Equally, more than one patio can serve the same function.
  • Outdoor kitchens are wonderful for your family and for large gatherings. You can keep it simple with a bar and beverage cooler with a grill or go all out.

Firepits & Fireplaces

When the weather gets chilly again, either a firepit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect hardscaping addition to any home. A simple firepit can easily be constructed by your landscaping company, is safer than a portable and lasts much longer. What can we say about an outdoor fireplace? Everyone needs one!

Water Features

Whether it’s a beautiful statue of a Grecian lady carrying a pot flowing with water or a simple turtle spouting water in the air, hardscaping with water features always enhance your home landscaping design. Several water features can be positioned around your backyard to highlight garden paths, groups of trees, or architectural features of your home.