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How To Plan Your Commercial Landscaping Project

commercial landscaping plan

New to planning a commercial landscaping project and need to know more about the process? There are a lot of details involved in planning and implementing the project but there is a basic process to be followed. You’ll be going through many steps to get the successful results you want, so it’s good to know what to expect so you can avoid problems and enjoy the process.

Your project will involve choosing a commercial landscaping company, assessing the property, creating the design, purchasing materials, getting permits, and implementing the design plan.

Choosing A Commercial Landscaping Company

It’s best to choose a Prince Edward County commercial landscaping company who works with you closely throughout the process. If you hire the right one, they’ll handle getting permits, passing inspections, and helping you through the rest of the process.

When calling to get estimates, remember that commercial landscaping projects vary in complexity so you need a landscaper that is able to handle everything involved. For instance, you may need underground utilities installed or rainwater drainage issues solved on your property.

Key points for choosing a commercial landscaping company:

  • Wide range of skills
  • Wide range of services offered
  • Manages the project completely including permits
  • Reasonable estimate for quality work
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Property Assessment

Remember, landscaping isn’t just about making your commercial property beautiful, it should also address existing problems.

The landscaper should perform a property assessment to determine the scope of the work necessary. Any problems with drainage, sewer, water supply, or foundation issues would need to be implemented into the landscaping design plan.

Landscape Design

The landscape design is one of the most important steps. It should make your commercial property look inviting to customers, solve problems, and include all the functional aspects that your business needs.

Your Prince Edward County landscaper should work closely with you to create the landscape design and choose the right hardscaping, bushes, trees, and plants. This involves explaining how they plan to address problems, listening to your ideas and needs, and using their creative skills to make an easy-care landscape that looks beautiful.

  • Beauty
  • Function
  • Problem Solving
  • Seasonal Planting
  • Easy to Maintain Landscapes

Permitting & Implementation

Any issues with passing inspections or not getting required permits will delay your commercial landscaping project. You want a commercial landscaper who knows the building code requirements, files permits and passes inspections without a problem. All of this means you want someone local with experience who handles the project from start to finish.

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