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Signs You Need A New Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance Company

commercial lawn care company

It’s easy to get in a rut with your commercial lawn care maintenance company since you’ve trusted them for so long. Don’t miss the signs that you need a new Prince Edward County commercial lawn maintenance company. It’s easy to get comfortable knowing that someone is taking care of the property but are they really?

You could be paying your lawn care maintenance company to provide quality service but actually be getting problems instead. Here are some signs you need to start looking for a new commercial lawn care maintenance company.

They Leave Cigarette Butts or Trash Laying Around

Find cigarette butts under benches or a few lunch wrappers floating around sometimes? You may think it’s a customer or tenant leaving trash or cigarette butts around your commercial landscape, but is it? Could it be your commercial lawn care maintenance crew? You may not know until you visit your property during their work hours and keep your eye on them.

In fact, you can spot the following problems too if you make time to be around during the time when your lawn care company is providing service. Especially keep an eye out during their breaks as this is when smokers smoke and lunch trash gets left behind.

You Are Overwhelmed With Managing The Grounds

Your commercial lawn care maintenance company should be providing you with the light plan to care for the grounds. You shouldn’t have to worry whether they are pulling weeds out of the flower beds regularly or taking care of the lawn pests.

If you are finding indoor bugs regularly, see weeds growing, or your turf and plants aren’t getting nutrient management, you need to find a new lawn care maintenance company. Your load should be lightened, not complicated with more problems.

They Do Good Work But Provide Poor Customer Service

There is more to providing quality service than just getting the work done. Yes, a commercial lawn care contractor can sometimes be a little rough around the edges but you should always get top-quality customer service from them. Some will shoot straight with you but still provide respectful service.

If you don’t feel that your needs are being heard and addressed or you get abrasive treatment, find a new Prince Edward County commercial lawn care maintenance company you can trust to provide quality customer service.

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