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Residential Softscaping

Your home has outstanding curb appeal thanks to lush green grass, lovely flowerbeds, and flourishing shrubs and trees. Our residential softscaping design and installation services are just what you need if your landscape is empty, lifeless, and dull.

The soft, living side of a landscape is known as softscaping. Your landscape lacks animation and vibrancy if there are no living plants to contrast with the rocky areas of your property. We can assist you in selecting the ideal live plants that are tolerant of our climate and simple to maintain for your residential softscaping.

Strategically planned softscaping will increase the value and appeal of your home. Your property in Prince Edward County, Belleville, Quinte West, or the surrounding areas can be completely transformed with the assistance of our knowledgeable softscaping experts.

Fine Gardening Seasonal Displays

Draw attention to your home or cottage with a well designed display of colourful flowers and thoughtfully arranged plants. Our professional designers will work with you to develop and manage your seasonal planting. Select from an excellent variety of plants and flowers that will certainly make your garden beds a stunning display.

Residential Softscaping Fine gardening
Residential Softscaping fall closing

Spring Opening and Fall Closing

Your landscaping will look much better after a spring clean-up. It will also help your plants get ready for the growing season. Pruning of plants, raking and edging of lawns, cleaning, mulching, and edging of garden beds, and finally power sweeping of driveway and walkways are all done. Additionally, your site is completely cleaned up, and organic matter is composted.

Fall clean-ups are done to get the grounds ready before winter. All grounds are cleared of trash and dead matter, perennials are pruned, beds are cultivated, lawns are fertilized. Finally, curbs are staked and salt boxes are put in place in anticipation of the upcoming snow and ice if you also have a winter property maintenance program in place.


Let us control weed growth on your commercial property by treating the lawn, pulling weeds, and treating your fence lines with a vegetation inhibitor.

Residential Softscaping weeding
Residential Softscaping pruning


Pruning encourages growth, by both allowing air and light to enter a plant’s interior. Getting rid of damaged or unhealthy parts, further helps the plant fill out its natural shape. Regular pruning will promote overall plant health and improve the appearance of your gardens.

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Any landscape will look better with tidy mulched beds. But mulch has many other advantages besides just being attractive. Mulch can shield a plant’s root system, while enriching the soil with nutrients, and reducing topsoil erosion.

Residential Softscaping mulching
Residential Softscaping plant health

Plant Health and Fertilization

Fertilizing routines on a seasonal schedule with a slow-release fertilizer can certainly help keep your home or cottage looking healthier.

It takes a lot of energy for plants to produce blooms, and occasionally the nutrition they require cannot be obtained from the soil alone. A good fertilizer gives plants nutrients and energy so they can grow, bloom, and remain healthy.

Lamer Landscaping and Snowplowing, providing top-quality residential softscaping services, including fine gardening displays, spring opening and fall closing, weeding, pruning, mulching, and fertilizing in Picton, Wellington, Prince Edward County, Trenton, Frankford, Quinte West, Stirling, Belleville, Napanee, and all the Surrounding areas.

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