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Shoreline Services

shoreline services

Has your shoreline structure in Prince Edward County failed or do you need an installation of a dock & boat lift? You can count on our shoreline services to meet all your needs. Our services are available to private, commercial, and municipal clients in Ontario.

Our landscaping company is committed to providing quality service using the latest shoreline construction techniques and materials for restoration or a new design and build. We coordinate the project from beginning to end to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Are you ready to give your backyard and front yard a makeover? Call to ask about our Prince Edward County residential landscaping services today.

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Installation of Docks & Boat Lifts

boat lift

We work with you from the initial design to the installation of your dock and boat lift. A fixed dock will stand up to the ever-changing wake loads from watercraft and weather, and we make sure the structure is designed and built to last.

Breakwalls – Rock & Steel


Breakwalls are necessary to protect the earth from erosion and protect coastal land from battering waves. This structure needs to be strong enough to buffer your property, so we can help you with rock or steel breakwall construction.

Shoreline Restoration & Stabilization


Have you started to notice sinkholes on your property? If so, your shoreline needs to be restored. Whether the retaining wall is falling apart already or problems have just begun, our shoreline restoration and stabilization experts can help.

Barge Services

barge services

We provide reliable, safe barge services to transport your equipment or bulk construction materials. It can be hard to figure out how to get your construction materials to a build site. We offer you a cost-effective waterway transportation solution.

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