Residential Shoreline Services

Has your shoreline structure failed or are you interested in installing a beautiful residential shoreline feature on your property? You can count on our shoreline services to meet all your needs.

Our landscaping company is committed to providing quality service using not only the latest residential shoreline construction techniques and materials for restoration or a new design and build. We coordinate the project from beginning to end to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Are you ready to give your shoreline a makeover? Call Lamer Landscaping and Snow Plowing to ask about our residential shoreline services in the Prince Edward County, Belleville, Quinte West, and Surrounding areas.

Residential Shoreline Restoration & Stabilization

Have you started to notice sinkholes on your property? If so, your shoreline needs to be restored. Whether your retaining wall is falling apart or problems have just begun, our shoreline restoration and stabilization experts can help.

Residential Shoreline Services restoration
Residential Shoreline Services breakwalls

Breakwalls – Rock & Steel

Breakwalls are necessary to protect the earth from erosion and protect coastal land from battering waves. This structure needs to also be strong enough to buffer your property. Our team can help provide you with rock or steel breakwall construction.

Grading & drainage

To prevent your shore from impacting the surrounding environment, our approach manages water drainage through proper grading while still giving you full enjoyment of your waterfront.

Residential Shoreline Services drainage
Residential Shoreline Services retaining walls

Retaining walls & stone work

From reducing soil erosion, both turning steep slopes into terraced landings, and creating a stunning feature on your property, our experienced professionals can install retaining walls that will transform your unworkable shoreline.

Lamer Landscaping and Snowplowing, providing top-quality residential civil services, including shoreline restoration and stabilization, breakwalls, grading and drainage, and retaining walls in Picton, Wellington, Prince Edward County, Trenton, Frankford, Quinte West, Stirling, Belleville, Napanee, and all the Surrounding areas.