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Landscape Construction Services

landscape construction

For your commercial landscaping construction in Prince Edward County to go well, you’ll want to work with a contractor who has a diverse team of experienced professionals on staff who are able to take care of each aspect correctly. We have the specific skill sets and expertise necessary to provide you with full-service landscape construction services.

Whether you own a massive apartment complex that needs foundation repairs or you just need a septic system design & installation for your mom & pop store, our landscape construction company is here to meet your needs.

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Septic System Design & Install

septic tank installation

Our landscaping company is well equipped for septic system design & installation. We make sure you have a proper drain field, quality pipes, and sealants that last the longest time. You need a septic installation contractor with experience, so choose our professionals who have been providing service locally for decades.



Need to hire a demolition crew? It takes a lot of heavy equipment to do demolition work. When you hire our landscape construction services, you don’t have to worry about hiring a separate contractor for demolition. We take care of removing the hardscaping, retaining walls, or concrete slabs if necessary so new construction can begin.

Foundation Coatings & Repairs

foundation coating

Foundation cracks, sinking, and soil erosion are common problems here in Prince Edward County Ontario. It is best to apply waterproof foundation coatings to keep moisture out of the concrete and repair any cracks or other issues before they significantly damage the structure. Call our professionals for service today before problems get worse.

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